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NIOS Features

OUR Networking Strategy and Optimisation Services - network infrastructure optimisation has been developed to help organisations better understand their network, address a particular problem or reduce network costs. Optimisation initiatives typically:

• improve network performance
• reduce costs
• leverage new technologies
• simplify network operations and management
• provide a benchmark for future comparisons

Network infrastructure optimisation services will identify high yield opportunities for optimisation.

NIOS Value proposition

Business need:

  • Web enabling business applications
  • A merger or acquisition requires two networks to be merged
  • Building an Intranet to improve communication across the organisation
  • Becoming more dependent on the Internet to conduct your business
  • Expanding the business reach and/or services to new areas
  • Require a clear view of business application performance and its growth trends
  • Branches and/or mobile employees require stable, secure, cost effective and fast access to the data center
  • Planning to adopt new technologies in the near future (e.g. video conferencing or mobile implementations
  • Local network need to perform up to the end-user/client/partner/suppliers expectations


The network infrastructure optimisation assessment will address the following areas:

  • Performance -- the ability to meet the end-user and application response times required for high productivity
  • Scalability -- allowing you to expand or contract the network, with limited disruption and expense, in response to significant shifts in your business environment
  • Security -- features to protect the integrity of your information as it traverses your network, against a variety of perils and threats, while maintaining privacy
  • Availability -- capable of responding to peak-period requests, as well as providing high-quality, reliable service, 24x7
  • Modularity -- using open architecture standards to allow for selection and use of the best products on the market
  • Adherence to industry standards -- enabling easier integration of diverse components and systems into a high-performance network

Customer Benefits:

Our expertise and proprietary methodologies bring you the following benefits

  • Cost savings
  • Security improvement
  • Performance improvement
  • Availability improvement
  • Net management and monitoring improvement
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